Storing Cheese


Properly refrigerating and storing cheese is important to maintain peak flavor and freshness. Cheese is best stored in a cheese cellar at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 percent humidity. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use your refrigerator, even though the colder air may break down the cheese more quickly. In the refrigerator, keep your cheese in a cheese drawer or warmer area, such as the lowest bins.

For soft cheeses with shelf life 7-14 days, store in refrigerator on shelf to maintain temperature needed same as all milk products.  

Mascarpone, Quark, and Greek Yoghurt should be promptly refrigerated and enjoyed within one week of opening.

For hard cheeses, loosely wrap wedges of cheese in waxed paper, plastic wrap, foil or a damp cloth to allow airflow and prevent drying. It is helpful to label the wrapped cheese so you know what type it is and the date you stored it.

Shaves, shreds, grates and crumbles of cheese should be stored in an air-tight container, refrigerated and used promptly for best results.

Some types of cheeses can be frozen, although doing so may slightly alter the flavor.