About Us

Based in Pacific Harbour on the mainland of Viti Levu, Gourmet Cheese Fiji is the only locally made cheese company in the Fiji Islands.  We strive to supply high quality soft cheeses with all natural, locally sourced ingredients.  

At Gourmet Cheese Fiji, our mission will always be to make the cheeses that we want to eat every day.  Staying small and always focusing on attention to detail is important at our company, so we might run out of cheese from time to time so please bear with us. 

Our special cheeses are made through traditional processes, paying homage to the great time-honoured methods of cheesemaking internationally.  

With a bank of exceptional recipes and a drive to explore new flavour combinations, our repertoire of cheeses expands seasonally, as we continue to produce one-off runs for cheese lovers to try. We take great pride in every cheese we make and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.